Contributing music︎︎︎
Here is a collection of guidelines that represents the kinds of strategies I use when making music on the spot—with improvised dance and sometimes with other improvising musicians:

Allow more silence • Avoid too many easy cultural associations • Balance the range of dynamics • Be inconclusive • Be well-organized • Change physical location • Contribute freshness • Emphasize subtlety • Encourage open-endedness • Include contemplation • Include multi-layer, multi-energy collages • Indicate connection with dancers/room • Less overt emotionality • Less pulse • Less pushing • Less theme and variations • Maintain stylistic variety • Make eye contact • Match intentions in room • More unfamiliar material • More unpredictability • Mystery (unknowability) • Occasional humor • Occasional surprises • Offer challenges • Pepper in friendly discontinuity • Play quietly often • Provide contrast • Respect self and others • Sometimes “non-music” • Sometimes less perfect • Subtract narrative content (not all “saying” implies saying something) • Support concentration • Support imagination • Take an extra moment • Use different rates of change.
︎︎︎from Notice & Contribute Mike Vargas