Recent projects in the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts course Interdisciplinary Studio – Composition & Collaboration:

CA 285 2020 [website]

CA 285 Large Project 2 [video], Jack Chipman

Creation 2 [video], Taya Van

Four Sculptures Representing Relationships [website], Daniel Lin

Ghost Town Collective [instagram account]

Hand morphology [instagram account]

I’m Over Zoom Class [instagram account]

Indistinct [video], Kaila Bhullar

My Movie 19 [video], Ruvarashe Marikano

nep eht [video], Dag Davidge

Phantom Heat [video], Carson Keller, Caro Garofalo, Ayesha Beg & Conor Day

School for the Contemporary Arts [videos]
Walking Score [video], Mikela, Regina & Kim

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