Moving Matter 

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Moving Matter I: video trailer 

Supported through an Insight Development Grant, this two year project focused on methods for creating movement based performance projects from materials.  Collaborators include Meagan Woods, Beau Han Bridge, Sydney Bluck, Anna Wang Albini and Olivia Johnson, the Westport Sunrise Sessions, Kayla Devos and Anya Graham.  The first film will have its world premiere at the Dance on Camera Festival in New York City at the Lincoln Center in 2024


The Threshing Floor

2021   video
performers Anya Saugstad, Ryan Jackson

This duet was commissioned by Dancing on the Edge Festival 2021. Music by Mauricio Pauly; filmed and edited by Beau Han Bridge... a performance that animates the vibrations of sound through a fusion of movement, light and projected reflections. Multiple microphones are used on different surfaces and instruments and manipulated performatively by the musicians. Through choreographic sequences and scores, projected images and light, the work attempts to envelope us in a multimodal experience within the textures and surfaces of the bodies and space.

Normate: Instruments of Incorrect Assembly

2019   video

performers Peter Dickinson, Nancy Tam, Rob Kitsos

This short film is the culmination of research with language and gesture with performance studies scholar and playwright Peter Dickinson and composer performer Nancy Tam. The work was screened as part of The Centre for Imaginative Ethnography Conference 2019.


2018—19   video
A commission from Tanz & Kuust Konigsfelden (Dance and Art) in Baden Switzerland. A full-evening choreographic work blending flamenco, contemporary and hip-hop dancers from around the world. Premiered in May 2019 in Baden.


2014—15   video
An interdisciplinary full-evening performance project built in three research stages and premiered in the fall of 2015. Based on the films Blade Runner and Wings of Desire. Media Design by Remy Siu, Sean Shin and Sepehr Samimi. Music by Nancy Tam. Text by Daniel O’Shea. Dramaturgy by Don Kugler. Support from the BCAC and the SFU Woodward’s.

Lost Weekend

2014   video

An interdisciplinary performance in real-time composition. Performed at the Russian Hall, July 18—19, 2014. The work includes actors, dancers, musicians, media artists and lighting designers. The performers improvise with a finite amount of material, including scenes and projections from the 1945 film Lost Weekend.


2013   video
This movement-based video is an exploration of falling—the moment of weightlessness when gravity retracts us from above ground and pulls us to the earth. The film is a collaboration between choreographer and musician Rob Kitsos and film maker/musician Daniel Wientraub (New York). Both artists produced and recorded the sound track for the video. It was screened at the Seattle International Dance Festival and the Embodied Artful Practices Symposium 2014.


2020   video
An embodiment of rhythmic communication of sound, other bodies and instruments. Natural gestures inspired by the act of creating sound with other bodies. We wanted to capture individual gesture through collective play. The Play- more than the music -it’s a way of being together through making. The practice of being together through making. The Westport Sunrise Sessions are musical collaborators of a thirty year plus history of playing music together. Scored, recorded and filmed over four days in a 200-year-old barn in Accord New York.

A Moving: Dance for Video

2013   video   video
A trio performed at the Belkin Art Gallery in Vancouver BC. This project was made into a video in collaboration with Flick Harrison- Screened at Art for Impact, Vancouver BC and Film Fest in Seattle Washington, USA, International Dance Week at Vancity Theater and Shadbolt Centre for the Arts and the Sardinia Film Festival in Italy. This work is distributed by VIVO Media Arts.

Performers: Katie Devries, Rob Kitsos and Kim Stevenson


2013   video
An experiment in real-time composition. The performers all learned and developed a finite set of material based on losing things and the frustration of confusion. In performance, the dancers and actors choose what parts to perform in the moment—based on what the composition called for. Performed in the Choreographic Series at EDAM, Vancouver, BC.


2011   video
A quartet performed at Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver BC with performers from Ballet BC. Performed by Marc Arboleda, Leon Feizo-Gas, Alexis Fletcher and Rob Kitsos. Given the Classiest Dance in the West Award in the Globe and Mail, 2011.


2009   video
This project was in progress for over a year and premiered as a full-evening work in September 2009 at The Dance Center in Vancouver. This project was made possible with a grant from Canada Council and BC Arts Council.

Hong Kong Dance Festival

2006   video
Premiere of Thought for Food a 20-minute work in collaboration with video artist Jeff Pellier from Base 2 media Productions. Performed by Rob Kitsos, Jocelyn Wong and Jane Osborne. The work was also performed at Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver.

Cupid’s Tail: Hong Kong Dance Awards

2004   video
Presentation and Gala Performances. Kwai Tsing Theater... This dance was produced through the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. It included 13 dancers and one actor, all students at the HKAPA. The dance was invited to be part of the Gala among some of Hong Kong’s most prestigious companies.

Other selected works

Protean  video  video
Death and Flying  video
Re-Direct  video
Exertion/Cornubation  video
Tricity  video
Body Traffic  video
Self-Love  video
Let’s Go Back the Way We Came  video
Finding Athena  video
Books Solo  video

Large Scale Collaborations 

Ghost Forest  2022  video
Topophilia  2017  video 
Nostos  2015  video
War Requiem  2013  video
Brownian Motion  2010  video